In an era of rapid evolution, the nature of financial services is undergoing a profound shift. The imperative for banks to embrace digital, customer-centric solutions has taken center stage. Traditional banking paradigms are reshaping themselves to align with evolving customer expectations and to harness the dynamic capabilities of technology.

We are thrilled to present an exclusive roundtable discussion, being organised by Elets Banking & Finance Post and VMware. The aim of this roundtable is to plunge into the depths of futuristic strategies, current challenges, and groundbreaking advancements that collectively mold the trajectory of modern banking. Under the overarching theme, From Stability to Agility: Technology Reinventing Banks for Tomorrow, we will explore how technology is not just changing banks, but revolutionizing them.

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Who Should Attend?

  • C-Suites from BFSI Industry
  • CTO, CIO, COOs from Banks and FIs
  • Head - ITs (Tech-Leaders from BFSI Industry)
  • Customer Experience Leaders from the BFSI Industry
  • Head - Data Analytics
  • Safe and reliable

    Key Discussion Points:


    Digital Transformation for Enhanced Customer Experiences/ Driving Customer-Centricity through Technology

    Phishing Detect

    Harnessing Data for Personalization/Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics

    Smart Scan

    Omnichannel Banking and Customer Journey Mapping


    Innovation in Payment Solutions

    Phishing Detect

    Digital Finance and the Profitability Paradox

    Smart Scan

    Navigating Cost Management and Technological Transformation

    Smart Scan

    The Hybrid Work Paradox in Finance and Talent Scarcity

    & many more

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