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Elets Technomedia, the premier technology and media research organisation of Asia and the Middle East, has spread its wings in India and across the world since 2003. The organisation has been championing the cause of the governments, building knowledge-sharing platforms and highlighting the importance of innovations for governance, health, education, urban development, and banking and finance sectors through conferences, publications, and knowledge portals.

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We envision a global future where knowledge sharing articulates with technology for achieving common good. As a leading media organisation, we work in collaboration to facilitate conception of great ideas and ensuring that innovations enjoy the optimum reach via our multiple touch points.

Elets has been key in understanding the expanding public and private sectors and how to leverage enterprise sectors in aligning with the future growth opportunities and platforms through right channels and possibilities.

Elets offers deep insights and opportunities to enterprise companies to showcase their products on the right platforms and help them understand their adoption and applications in diverse environments and sectors.

Utilising our deep insights and research-oriented outlook in making use of ICT for improving Human life & creating engaging, thought provoking content through our interactions with policy makers, expert thought leaders and industry heads from across the globe.

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27th April 2023

13th NBFC100 Tech Summit Delhi

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Core Values



We envision a global future where knowledge sharing articulates with the technology for achieving common good. As a leading media organization, we work in collaboration to facilitate conception of great ideas and development.



To create platforms to bridge the yawning gaps in delivery of engaging content to policymakers, experts, thought leaders and industry leaders anywhere in the world utilizing our deep insights and research-oriented outlook in making use of ICT for improving human life.



We have a lean and flat structure that embraces openness to work, exchange of ideas and insightful discussions. We attract fresh talent with new ideas, techniques, innovations and provide them an opportunity to unleash their talent and grow. We hold ourselves and each other accountable. In order to promote a healthy work environment, we strongly believe in teamwork, healthy competition, scope of improvement, accountability, and ownership of the task assigned.



We are a team of great leaders who believe in teamwork, effective communication, providing direction and purpose to achieve a common goal for overall success of Elets.


Openness to Ideas and Continuous Learning

The lean and flat structure provides an open platform to discuss the new ideas amongst our leaders and new bees. Adapting a learning environment and mindset is our core value as we believe in continuous reflection and development.


Opportunities of Growth

Teamwork, open mindedness to learn and adapt to an open learning environment provide ample opportunities for individual growth and development.


Diversity & Inclusion

In order to succeed and stand where we are, we provide a platform of equal and fair opportunities to freshers as well as experienced minds.



To come up with an innovative idea all it requires is collaboration, open discussion and exchange of ideas. One of the core values is teamwork as we believe in working together to get the job done more effectively and efficiently.



We are passionate about our work. Enjoying what you do is the biggest form of learning, innovation and creativity.



Accepting responsibility for your actions and efforts is another core value that we strongly believe.

Our Expertise

Strategic Partnerships

Striving to foster strategic meaningful partnerships between people, corporations and associations.


Innovation For Growth

We empower people and organizations with rapid transforming markets and industries to put innovation at the core of the business.


Providing market intelligence

Market Research, advocacy and market intelligence gives insights to our audience to stay connected and ahead.



Public Sector and citizen services are rapidly transforming with technology disruptions and integrations. We understand and analyse the trends and collaborate for governments to provide better services to citizens.

Healthcare and Pharma

Private and public healthcare has been sectors of concern and key developments. We provide platforms for development and collaboration in shaping a resilient future.

Banking and Finance

Innovation and resilience have always been a part of the Banking Financial Services & Insurance Sector, be it the deployment of emerging technologies or embracing regulatory formations. At Elets, we are underlining these transformations and leadership strategies through our publication, news portal & confluences, both virtually and in-person.


Upgradation in education sector through right tools and technologies is imperative. Our offerings bridge the gap for solution providers and educators, facilitating creation of the new world order in the education spectrum.

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Banking and Finance

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